What is a “progressive?” What’s the difference between a progressive, a liberal, a neo-liberal, a moderate, and a plain old Democrat? What is the history of this movement—and what’s its potential for the future? In this 4-part seminar series, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed will guide a discussion about the state of the progressive movement in 2019. We go beyond the labels to talk about the central critiques underlying the progressive movement, and consider its opportunities and its challenges. We will consider progressive policy goals, including Campaign Finance Reform and publicly-financed elections, the Green New Deal, and Medicare for All—and how policy and politics interplay in the public conversation today. The seminar will consider recent trends since 2016, as well as consider what these trends suggest for 2020 and beyond. The discussions will feature guest discussants, including leaders in the policy and political discussions that have animated 2018 and will play an important role in the forthcoming elections.Please join Inaugural Sine Institute Fellow Abdul El Sayed for one or all in this series of discussions on The Progressive Movement in 2019. 
Remaining Events:
2/21/19: Progressive Policy Beyond The Hashtag #GreenNewDeal, #Medicareforall, #CampaignFinanceReform
3/4/19: Progressive Politics: Running A Progressive Political Campaign
3/28/19: Progressives In 2020: Looking Forward