Times of crisis provide fertile ground for seeds of change. Many of us are re-examining our current career path and asking, how can I add more meaning to my everyday life?  Now is a time to consider what your future should look like and explore new and different opportunities. As we ask ourselves what’s next – Wesley Seminary and the American University School of Public Affairs (SPA) are partnering to help people think through the next phase of their lives.

If you are interested in adding more purpose and meaning to your life or in preparing for your next role, job, or life stage, you are invited to attend a free, two-part webinar featuring experts in leadership, career coaching, and change management as well as guides in cultivating discernment and wisdom who can help you chart a path to what’s next.


Part 1: One Hour Intro Webinar
Vicky Wilkins: What we are doing and why are we doing it (2 minutes)
Mike McCurry: Why he went from the White House to Wesley (10 min)
Patrick Malone: Why this is important, learnings from leadership trainings, what motivates people to make the jump to move into a leadership level (10 min)
Asa Lee: Drawing from sources within and beyond ourselves as a foundation for navigating change (10 min)
Gina Campbell: Mindfulness and accessing our whole brain  (5 min)
Vicky Wilkins: Assignment and preparation for next session (4 min)
Part 2: Three Hour Webinar
Interactive session: What did you learn, what came up for you, what questions do you have? (45 minutes)
Breakout Sessions (choice of 2): 1 hour each
The power of intention: being justice brave in your career (Glenn Kaino & Deon Jones)
Successfully navigating your next act (Gwen Sykes)
Resetting your work as a leader with kindness at the center (Patrick Malone)
Unleashing creativity for discernment (Asa Lee)
Beauty and wisdom as our guides (Sondra Wheeler)
Cultivating personal vision as the antidote to anxiety (Gina Campbell)
Mindful leadership (Ruth Zaplin)
Leading during times of change (Ruth Wagner)