Hail to the Chiefs of Staff

Live streamed program. Advance registration required.


 - Jacob J. Lew, Chief of Staff to President Obama 2012-2013

 - Joshua Bolten, Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush 2006-2009

In this webinar, the Sine Institute of Policy & Politics, AU's Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies and AU's School of Communication will bring together two former Presidential Chiefs of Staff to lead a conversation on consensus building and policy solutions and how each tackled these challenges in their important roles. As we seem politically divided as a nation, can we find ways to make the government work for America? We will explore both Chief of Staff perspectives from their experience inside the oval office and highlight key policy areas for creative consensus and policy solutions for the future.

This program will be moderated by Tara Palmeri (SOC/BA '08), co-author of the Politico Playbook newsletter.

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